Beach House Recovery

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Pre-arrival Checklist

  • Thoroughly read and understand the contents of this website with an emphasis on the page(s) entitled GUIDELINES and the online APPLICATION page which serves as a digital contract upon entry.
  • Ensure that all personal business and social arrangements have been concluded before arrival as you will not be permitted to withdraw for visitation or appointments for the first 6 to 8 weeks. All necessary phone calls should be handled prior to admission when phone contact will be limited.
  • Communicate with staff thoroughly to ensure any prescription medications will be approved prior to scheduling your admission. We never allow potentially abused medications regardless of the reason you possess them. Popular medications that we WILL NOT accept include sleep aids such as trazodone, mood stabilizers including gabapentin (neurontin) and psychotropic agents including seroquel.
  • Make 100% sure you will arrive without opiates or opioid medications in your system as we will deny admission for anyone testing positive. We highly recommend a medical detox center for those addicted to opiates.
  • Due to the transitory nature of a recovery center with unrelated groups of men living in close quarters under the same roof, we are requiring that every resident be vaccinated for covid 19. At very minimum, we require you to have received the first moderna vaccine shot which is also available at Little River Medical Center near Calabash before admission. We will transport residents for a follow up when scheduled.
  • Make certain you are healthy enough to participate in daily activities including classroom participation and transportation to and from 12 step meetings. This is not a detox facility and we will not allow residents to lie in bed or evade responsibilities while experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Leave all distractions including books, games and electronic devices behind as you will not be permitted to possess electronics or outside literature during phase one.
  • Suggested items to bring include twin sheets, towel, pillow and blanket as well as personal hygiene items. Beach House will be happy to supply any of the above items if needed and residents have the opportunity to shop locally on a weekly basis. Do not overpack as space is limited and washer/dryer available for regular use.
  • A small bank of personal money is permitted for resident purchases including grocery and gas station excursions. Never store or display valuable items including cash and jewelry in a recovery environment for obvious reasons. Families are encouraged to use a food lion gift card which is safer than cash and convenient for shopping locally.
  • Probationary residents in their first six weeks will not be permitted visitation either on or off property under any circumstances. Arranging to meet acquaintances or unauthorized phone use in violation of this guideline will result in an early dismissal.
  • Understand before you arrive that no one is guaranteed entry into phase two of our program. We have more applicants than we have beds and your attitude will determine your opportunity to move forward.
  • Submit your nonrefundable admission fee using the page titled “submit payment” prior to arrival. Understand in advance that we take no deposits and due to the nominal cost of admission we issue no refunds. You will be signing a legal contract acknowledging that you are not entitled to any refunds.
  • You should now be prepared to contact admissions to schedule your arrival. Please do not show up unannounced. You can reach Tony at (910)712-4407. The correct address for all admissions is 1198 Riverview Dr, Calabash NC 28467. You will not be permitted to enter residence until you have passed a drug/alcohol urine screen.