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Offsite Housing Guidelines

  1. Use of mood or mind altering chemicals, prescribed or otherwise, will result in immediate removal from the residence. We do not allow controlled substances or potentially abused medications. All residents are required to pass a urine screen or breathalyzer upon request.
  2. An initial out of pocket payment is required to cover the $50 cost admission in addition to first weeks rent. Payment is due afterwards on Fridays prior to 7:00 pm. This is a typical pay then stay system, week to week, with no deposit and no refunds.
  3. Curfew for the first 30 days is 9:30 pm and then 11:00 pm after probation period. If you maintain an approved second shift job your curfew will be adjusted. Probationary residents may not be off property together, alone outside of work, or out with other non residents unsupervised. Thirty day probation review must first be approved by staff.
  4. If you are not employed full time or financially self supporting, you must be out searching for first or second shift employment from 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. Personal transportation is the responsibility of the resident.
  5. LifeGroup, Sunday morning service, weekly house meeting, 12 step meetings and one elective religious service are mandatory. Romantic involvement at these functions is strictly prohibited.
  6. Improper or unprofessional behavior towards employers that reflect negatively upon BHR ministry, including no calls and no shows, will result in loss of privileges.
  7. Your belongings may be searched at any time for any reason. We cannot provide storage services after discharge or accept responsibility for abandoned items. Every item must be removed at the time of departure with a 3 bag maximum checked at admission.
  8. Bedrooms must be neat, clean and orderly with beds made. Every resident is involved with our rotating chore system and share responsibility for common areas.
  9. Absence for any of the mandatory house obligations must be covered by notifying approved staff in advance. This does not necessarily excuse the absence. Visitation must take place off campus.
  10. You may not introduce, rearrange or otherwise remove furniture, equipment, literature or appliances from any residence. Vehicles require permission from staff.
  11. Any verbal threats, hate speech, acts of aggression or posession of dangerous items will be considered a risk to the security of our community and result in dismissal. We insist on a safe environment.
  12. We strive for a balance between structure and the freedom to pursue your own interests and individuality. Residents must never push their opinions or doctrine on others.

Additional Policies

* Dismissal for use of prohibited substances will result in a minimum 72 hour suspension on the first occasion if the resident admits to the offense and takes full responsibility. A positive screening is not necessary for staff to determine evidence of intoxication. Any abuse of chemicals, including over the counter or legal substances, is sufficient reason for eviction. No one is permitted to return until they can pass a urine screen or breathalyzer and are cleared by staff. Second occasion triggers an automatic 30 day suspension no exceptions. A second chance is a privilege not a right.

* For those unemployed, finding a job is a full time job and your time should be scheduled as such outside the home. Sobriety means you will stop using people and institutions to sustain your existence. In recovery you will learn to pay for the goods and services you receive and do without those you cannot afford.

* Pairing off, which means means spending an unusual amount of time or attention on a female you meet at church or recovery functions, is strictly forbidden regardless of your motives. You may see women not involved in recovery activities privately on your own time. Females are never allowed at male sober living homes, including parking lots and driveways.

* All personal belongings must be removed at the time of departure regardless of the circumstances. Our general expectation is a two week notice prior to moving. We cannot accept responsibility for abandoned items nor can we provide professional storage services. If a resident makes the decision to move out leaving personal items behind we have no way determining ownership or safeguarding items. Your valuables are your responsibility. We do not collect deposits and rent is nonrefundable.

* An overnight pass is permitted once monthly following 45 days of residency. Weekend visitation passes are for senior residents after completion of 90 days of residency. Each senior resident is eligible for one weekend pass per month after approval in advance at previous house meeting. Deciding to take a pass at the last minute is considered to be suspicious behavior and is never to be approved. Financial obligations including rent must be met prior to departure.

* Twelve step meeting attendance is an absolutely essential part of early recovery and a requirement of BHR. Meetings must be local, verifiable meetings if they are to be counted. Every resident of Beach House Recovery must maintain a working relationship with a sponsor.

Treatment instructs individuals on theories about recovery. This is not treatment. This is where you use the experience and suggestions of those who have come before you to actually take responsibility for your own existence.