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Program Guidelines

  1. Use of mood or mind altering chemicals, prescribed or otherwise will result in immediate removal from house. All halfway house residents are required to pass a standard (10) panel urine screen when requested.
  2. An initial payment of $220 is required to cover the cost of the first week. Payment of $110/week is due afterwards on Fridays prior to 7:00 PM. Those behind on rent may not refuse available work. This is a pay and stay system, week to week, with no refunds.
  3. Curfew for the first 30 days is 9:30 pm and then 11:00 pm afterwards. If you maintain an approved second shift job your curfew will be adjusted. First 30 days is probationary period and residents under probation may not be out together or with other non residents unsupervised.
  4. If you are not employed full time or financially self supporting, you must be out searching for first or second shift employment from 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. Soliciting money at church or meetings is absolutely unacceptable. Valid ID is required for admission.
  5. Friday night Celebrate Recovery (including CR small share groups), Sunday morning Beach Assembly, weekly house meeting, one additional 12 step meeting and one additional religious service are mandatory. Romantic involvement at these functions is strictly prohibited.
  6. If you are found to be covering for another resident out of compliance with any guideline you will be subject to the same consequence as that person.
  7. Your belongings may be searched at any time for any reason and you will be subject to random drug and alcohol screenings on a regular basis. A positive screening is not necessarily required to make a determination you are under the influence. We never provide lodging for intoxicated residents.
  8. Bedrooms must be neat, clean and orderly. Every bed is made every day. You will be responsible for being involved with the upkeep and appearance of the property. Christian language and behavior is required at all times.
  9. Absence for any of the mandatory house obligations must be covered by notifying approved staff at least 15 minutes in advance. This does not necessarily excuse the absence.
  10. You may not introduce, rearrange or otherwise remove furniture, equipment, literature or appliances from any residence. Permission is required to have a vehicle on site. If a vehicle is used in the commission of any infraction the privilege may be suspended.
  11. Any verbal threats, hate speech, acts of aggression or involvement in unsafe behavior will be considered a risk to the security of our community and result in dismissal. We insist on a safe environment.
  12. We strive for a balance between structure and the freedom to pursue your own interests and individuality. Residents must never push their beliefs or opinions on others.

Additional Policies

We understand that different individuals face unique circumstances and challenges. We reserve the right to amend any guidelines in order to accommodate your specific situation. This will be done according to our discretion at any time. Failure to be informed of the posted guidelines is not a defense against failure to abide by them. Awareness is your responsibility.

We also believe that being sober on the inside involves a clean and orderly environment on the surface. You will be expected to keep a space clean and free of scattered debris, a kitchen tidy without dirty cookware and utensils, a yard free of trash and cigarette butts, and a common area uncluttered by personal belongings. Treat our church with the same respect by leaving hats off during service and smoking in designated areas only. Leave all non-essential clothing and items behind as space and storage is limited.

Visitation is permitted during normal curfew hours and is limited to immediate family, individuals in recovery and business acquaintances involved in your daily transportation to and from work. Third shift work is prohibited. Beach House Recovery is not a hook-up spot or a place for your dating life. Neither is the church that graciously supports us. Relationships with females at recovery functions is never allowed.

Celebrate Recovery, Sunday Morning Beach Assembly, one biblical study and one 12-step meeting are mandatory functions except in the case of a pass confirmed prior. Our transportation services include only Celebrate Recovery and church service.

Overnight visitation away from the house will be determined on a case by case basis specifically in regards to family sickness or emergency, employment or legal matters beyond your control. Weekend pass will be permitted for residents beyond 90 days who maintain a zero balance, not to exceed one instance per calendar month. Arrangements must be made 48 hours in advance and confirmed by staff approval which requires a signature.

Individuals asked to leave the residence are required to remove their belongings at the time of departure — we cannot be responsible for storage. We do not provide taxis, hotel rooms or cash refunds for intoxicated residents. We do try our best to assist when reasonable and sensible; we are a Christian organization. Anyone asked to leave for using may later be reconsidered to return although this is never promised nor are beds being reserved for that specific purpose. Typically, a resident allowed to return after being dismissed can expect to wait approximately one week if they leave on good terms.

Treatment instructs individuals on theories about recovery. This is not treatment. This is where you use the experience and suggestions of those who have come before you to actually take responsibility for your own existence.