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Residents are highly encouraged to complete our four week onsite intensive program prior to entering the recovery community. This is an optional one time investment of $775. Our donors occasionally make partial scholarships possible based upon availability and funding. Offsite housing options begin at $110/week with an initial non refundable entry fee of $110.
Onsite PHASE ProgramOffsite Structured Housing

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Beach House Recovery is not a medical facility, therefore every resident must be successfully detoxed before admission to the program. Every prospective resident is asked to submit to a drug and alcohol test immediately prior to their admission.


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Beach House Recovery is not a medical facility and does not employ a medical staff. This means that you may not be accepted as a resident if you are not healthy enough to participate in all aspects of the program or require regular doctor visits.


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Residents participate in fundraiser trips that are sometimes outside of NC. You may not be accepted if you cannot leave the state.

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Are you a sex offender? YESNO

Due to zoning, we are unable to accept convicted sexual offenders.

(valid identification is required to enter the program)

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I acknowledge I’m a guest, not a tenant, of Beach House Recovery. I will not establish legal residency, enter into a lease agreement or be promised any goods or services. As a visitor I am not entitled to an eviction notice or arbitration if dismissed. This arrangement will never change and I agree to leave upon request.