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Beach House Recovery is a Christian, faith based drug and alcohol recovery center for men located
on the beautiful sea shores of Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Christian Sober Living Community

christian addiction treatment ncAddiction, at heart, is an illness of the human spirit. No single treatment approach has proven entirely effective. It’s an unsatisfied urge for things which elude us. Thirsty people eventually drink. We find the solution involves an authentic experience unique to each individual. It’s an inside job. Recovery is a personal adventure and our approach is to provide an environment favorable to spiritual growth. Quite simply, an awakened spirit doesn’t use or drink. We pattern our journey on the example of the life of Jesus Christ.

Sobriety, we’ve found, is a by-product of spiritual living. In short, we believe our Creator seeks a conscious contact with each and every one of us. This was the function of the original twelve steps. Our staff encourage more than an intellectual grasp of recovery and religion, we seek to initiate a personal relationship with God through sustained action.  We’re steadily more convinced, faith without works is dead.

Addiction, Relapse and the Mystery of Recovery

chad shreveWhen I first sought treatment for addiction way back in the mid 90’s, I had no clue what I was up against or the humiliating cycle of crushing defeats that were to follow. Unfortunately, when I arrived at treatment for the 14th time in March of 2008 I was none the wiser. I couldn’t put my finger on the problem.

Each new treatment professional along the way had a reasonable explanation, a different diagnosis and a fresh new solution:

Was it a case of physical dependence? Yes. Maybe an example of chemical imbalance? Sure. Probably an emotional complex? Of course. A product of one’s environment? Agreed. Just a sinner in need of God? Right again.

There was an element of truth in every theory I heard. They were all fine people with good intentions and sensible explanations.

So I did the only thing a man in my position could possibly do:

I detoxed at the request of the physicians. I repeatedly accepted treatment. I swallowed endless pills to satisfy the psychiatrists. Endured countless sessions at the insistence of therapists. Changed people, places and things to satisfy the counselors. Attended thousands of recovery meetings. And spent more time crying at the altar than singing in the pew.

And the conclusion?

Well at age 35 I clung to life in another emergency room hooked to another ventilator after another major overdose heading to one more detox. My fugitive life at the homeless shelter was over. There were felony warrants. I begged God to let me die. And it wasn’t just the reality that I wasn’t getting any better, it was the undeniable truth that I WAS GETTING WORSE, EXPONENTIALLY WORSE!

I was removed from life support on St Patrick’s day of 2008 and I haven’t put a chemical in my body since. Yes, I know it’s impossible to get from there to here, but by the grace of God I’ve found myself beyond 11 years sober. But not JUST sober, I’ve been rendered unthirsty. Fully recovered from the only illness that ever left me better than it found me! You see the thought of dope hasn’t crossed my mind in as many years, I lost interest in alcohol and I have a life that’s second to none. None of which I deserve, for none I take credit.


In 2008 I was introduced to a course of action that changed me from the inside out. Something happened to the guy who used to occupy my body. A design for living that works in rough going. Not a program for self help, a program for self abandonment. And I lost myself over the next year immersed in other-centered thoughts and actions. I discovered a passion for working with others. Once helpless myself, I was divinely crafted to reach those like me. They called this selfless service. They put the concerns of others ahead of their own. God received all the credit.

Some things are certain. We are divinely called to this — the dance. No one enters alone. The price of admission is to bring someone with you. Right now an invitation has fallen into your hands.

The prescription for helping me = reaching you.